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Regular maintenance to your commercial property is one of the aspects that impact your business’ success as it can interfere with productivity, safety and various other elements. And one of the most often overlooked parts that make up your building is the roof.

A properly maintained roof can protect your building from the elements effectively, especially when the weather gets harsher. However, from the moment it starts needing repairs, all the building gets vulnerable, and that is why you should regularly have a thorough check on your roof’s condition and look for possible signs that it will require repairs.

What are the signs that show your Commercial roof needs repair?

Now that you know the importance of maintaining your commercial roof in a good state, you have to know what to look for. The following signs will tell you if it is time to consider getting professional repairs done:

●      Expensive energy bills

Your flat roof is not only a way to shelter your building’s interior from the rain and other harsh weather elements. A flat commercial roof has tremendous insulating potential that benefits your energy management efficiency by keeping the temperature permutation to a minimum. Therefore, if lately, you have been turning your climate control or air conditioning units more and more often, and the energy bills keep on escalating, you should get your flat roof assessed.

●       Failed flashings

Flashings are the roof components that create the bond between roof structures and materials where they can’t overlap due to the angle, as well as between the roof and other structures such as walls so that it all remains tightly sealed. Badly fitted, faded and deteriorating or even missing flashings will be a sign of a problem with your commercial property’s roof and cause it to fail and be vulnerable to the elements.

●      Signs of Mould and Moisture in the interior

A given sign that your roof’s insulation is not working as it was designed is the build-up of moisture or mould in your ceiling and upper walls. If you can notice the appearance of water stains or even water dripping on the walls or sense the smell of dampness in some areas, then you should schedule a repair service before it’s too late and you have to deal with more significant damages.

●       Bubbles on the roof’s surface

The appearance of blistering or bubbles on your roof’s surface isn’t a good sign in terms of its condition. This irregularity may be due to a bad quality roof application job since it is the most common cause of bubbles or blisters. These form from moisture that was left beneath the roofing materials upon installation and when this trapped moisture wants to evaporate, blisters appear on the surface. The main issue with this blistering formation is that it can cause more water to seep through the structure of your roof and the moisture will damage your building.

●      Clogged drainage

In those heavy downpour days, have a look at your commercial property’s exterior downpipes and assess if the water volume coming down is fitting with the weather. If you are noticing a smaller flow than expected, then you should check your roof’s drains as soon as the weather allows it or call a professional.

The large amount of water landing on your roof that isn’t being drained creates ponds on your flat surface which in time will deteriorate your commercial roof’s insulating layer and let water seep into the structure causing even more damage.

●      Roof age

Commercial roofs endure harsh weather conditions year after year and are very durable, but the years can still take their toll. If you know you have an old roof fitted ages ago or you are not sure how old your commercial building’s roof is you should consider having a professional inspecting its condition so you can rest assured it can still handle the elements.

●       Breaches in the seams

A flat roof’s waterproofing capability comes from the use of waterproof materials that are seamed together over the roof’s decking. In some cases, these roof seams fail and allow water to soak in. So, when having a check over your roof’s conditions, pay attention not only to the waterproof surface materials but also to the seaming holding them together by assuring they haven’t cracked or gapped between the materials.

If you notice any breaches or cracks on your roof’s seaming, even if you aren’t sure if they can allow for water to seep in, contact a professional to further examinations or, in case it is needed, to repair the seams.

Get a Professional Roofing Inspection for your Commercial Roof

Having a cared and maintained roof will save your business from large expenses such as damages and subsequent repairs, not only to the roof itself but also to the building and your business equipment and inventory.

The best way to assure your commercial roof is up to par is to call on the help of qualified roofing professionals to inspect it. If you are running a business in the Dublin area and wish to have your commercial roof examined or replaced, you should consider C&S Roofing. At C&S Roofing, we are specialists in commercial building roof installation and maintenance and have a reputation that supports it. Get in touch with us and stop worrying with your roof for good.