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Custom Aluminium Fabrication Services

Aluminium is a very versatile material with countless properties and applications in the roofing industry.

All the aluminium products we use for roofing and cladding such as Aluminium window sills, Aluminium cappings, Aluminium parapet cappings, Aluminium flashings, are not only installed but also manufactured by C&S Roofing Ltd.

We offer a wide range of custom aluminium fabrication services, and we have the necessary welding and machining capabilities to fulfil any type of special or custom project.

Aluminium Window Sills

Window sills are a required component of any window, balcony or loggia. They are facade components that prevent rainwater from running directly down the underlying facade.

We produce aluminium window sills in a multitude of sizes and custom-made profiles to suit any windows system.

Aluminium window sills are lightweight and easy to install, have superior resistance to atmospheric exposure, UV rays, scratches and can withstand temperature oscillations from -40°C to +80°c.

Aluminium Cappings

We fabricate capping systems to suit all specific size, shape, and colour requirements. A vast range of profiles can be made to suit any particular needs and are suitable for both commercial and domestic use.

Aluminium Parapet Cappings

Aluminium parapet cappings give an aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective finish to a parapet wall.

They are fully weatherproof, lightweight, durable, non-corrodible, and easy to handle, and fix.

Aluminium Flashings

It’s vital that rainwater is discharged effectively from the roof area of buildings.

Flashings aid in protecting against water infiltration and are a full part of any sheeted roof or wall.

Aluminium roofing flashings are highly versatile, lightweight & easy to install, and as they are specially made for each project, we can create virtually any shapes, sizes, and profiles.

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