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New Commercial Roofs

When you invest in a roof for a new commercial build, you need to be sure that you’re going to get a good return on your investment. Unfortunately with flat roofs, unless they’re put down correctly, they’re likely to be a catalogue of disasters. This is only too often the case, because the majority of flat roofs are put down wrong. All of that said, for commercial property, no matter whether it’s a doctor’s surgery, a nursery, a supermarket or an office block, a flat roof is often the very best solution from both a design, cost and functionality point of view. So the important thing is getting the construction right from Day 1.

The first goal with any roof is that it keeps your building dry at the start and that it stays that way. At C & S Roofing Ltd we have truly effective, guaranteed and approved waterproofing systems for flat roofs that’ll keep your building dry, no matter the weather outside. The second goal of roofs these days is usually energy efficiency. With energy prices on the rise and the desire to demonstrate that your business really cares about the environment, now is the time to be thinking about making sure that your commercial roof works as hard as it possibly can to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. When it comes to flat roofs, insulation can be easily included at build stage (and later) on the inside and the outside, making your roof as cosy and energy efficient as it possibly can be.

At C & S Roofing Ltd we’ll work in close conjunction with your architect and, or your builder to identify the very best flat roof solution for your project. We’ll bring an innovative approach to that solution, so you can be sure you’ll get optimum performance at a great price.

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