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We’re a small company with a big story to tell. Created by me, Brian Crowley, back in 2005, the goal of C & S Roofing Ltd was to find the right roof solution for your roof problems. No matter how big or small that problem or your budget may be, we’re sure to find the right way forward. Ask anyone who’s…read more


C&S Roofing were engaged by Purcell construction for the installation of roof insulation and membrane and all associated flashings, facia, soffit, gutters and downpipes.

Purcell construction

Roofing Specialists Dublin

Welcome to C & S Roofing Ltd, the home of top quality, affordable roof solutions to Dublin and the surrounding counties. If you’re planning a new roof, roof replacement, roof survey or if you want the peace of mind offered by a roof maintenance contract, you’re in the right place. No matter whether your roof is domestic or commercial, we’re here to help.

We do all sorts of roof work: new roofs, re-roofs, roof repairs, roof maintenance and roof surveys, as well as working in the commercial and domestic sectors alike, but our real specialism is making flat roofs warm and waterproof. Working with state-of-the-art leak detection systems as well as environmentally friendly products, we’ll help you keep your property in great shape and to save money on your energy bills.

We work with all types of materials, but our team of roofers are specialized in Zinc and Copper slating restoration.

Zinc and Copper are excellent roofing materials. Not only do they look fantastic and are environmentally friendly but also have exceptional physical characteristics. They are corrosion, fire, insect and mold resistant; require relatively little maintenance and are extremely durable and versatile.

You can entrust our metal roofing specialists to execute a professional, secure and efficient installation with minimal disruption to your property. Our team can manage projects of any size or scale and will advise you on the most appropriate approach for your property, based on your requirements.

We only use the best quality roofing materials in our work. All this ensures that you will get the high-quality results you are after; picture-perfect, beautifully installed roofing.

Another real speciality of ours is making flat roofs warm and waterproof. Working with state-of-the-art leak detection systems as well as environmentally friendly products, we’ll help you keep your property in great shape and also save money on your energy bills.

If you have got a roof problem, regardless of whether it’s big or small, why not contact us right now to have a chat?

C&S Roofing’s main emphasis is on providing the highest standard of craftsmanship and service. The company is a member of the F.T.M.R.C. (Federation of Traditional & Metal Roofing Contractors) which insures the company’s work and is independently vetted.

Recent Projects

Recent Roofing Projects

This is a one off build housing project carried out recently, we supplied and fitted a high density rigid insulation board along with a liquid water proofing system on top similar and better than Fibre Glass called Enke Pur Liquid Plastic

Above the roof membrane we installed an extensive Sedum Roof garden, which maintains itself using a simple filtration system. You can add numerous plants, wild flowers and culinary herbs to add a wonderful scent to your roof garden.

2mm thick pressed aluminium parapet wall copings were supplied and fitted using a secret fixing system. This item really finishes it off…see more roofing projects

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