Sedum Roofing

A Sedum roof is a living roof, with the ground covered with sedum vegetation that is somewhat self-perpetuating and that can subsequently develop and maintain itself.

Making your roof more sustainable with Sedum matting is a cost-saving and low-maintenance green roofing method. By applying Sedum mats, makes the installation much simpler and quicker. Also, it has much lower maintenance costs, because a growing Sedum lawn already have a good rooting and is drought tolerant needing way less water after installation, when compared with loosely planted plants.

Main Features and Benefits:

  • Improved aesthetic appearance;
  • Improved thermal performance;
  • Improved ambient air quality;
  • Water management system with reduced storm water run-off;
  • Better acoustic performance;
  • Increased life expectancy and durability of waterproofing membranes.

We can supply your total extensive green roof, with a variety of sedum blankets for different conditions or preferences.

Our blankets can include sedum species native to the British Isles, native wild flower, ornamental grasses and culinary herbs to add a scent to your roof garden.

We also supply cuttings, plug plants and even hydro seeding solutions for larger roofs.

The environmental benefits of green roofing are well known, but it’s also got to look right.

Our expertise in Green Roofs, will ensure that you have a roof worth looking at and looking after.

The Paralon total green roof system is BBA certified. Giving you peace of mind that you are choosing a green roof that will stand the test of time.

Sedum Roof Accessories

C&S Roofing Ltd. provide all the accessory items necessary to complete your Green Roof Project.

For Extensive Sedum Roof Gardens we provide;

  • Root Resistant Barriers.
  • Protection and water storage fleece layers.
  • A variety of reservoir and drainage layers in convenient board sizes.
  • Rainwater outlets and inspection chambers.
  • Folded aluminium edging to separate growing areas from pebble boarders.
  • Specially formulated growing soils which promote healthy sedum growth and minimise weeding.
  • Sedum vegetation blankets, plug plants and hydro seeding for suitable projects.
  • Sedum:
    Blanket, plug plants, hydroseeding, loose cuttings
  • Growth Medium:
    Specially blended growth medium.
  • Drainage Boards:
    25mm – 60mm
  • Roof types:
    Warm roofs, Cold Roofs ,Inverted Roofs
  • Certification:
    BBA certificate for total green roof system
  • Accessories:
    Full range including irrigation units, gravel boards, handrails etc.

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