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Though hurricanes, tornados or other extreme weather conditions are very rare to come by in Ireland, the typical Irish winter weather is enough to affect your roof in various ways.

Colder winters have fewer hours of sunlight, frosty temperatures and higher chances of rain or snow which over time are all detrimental to your roof structure.

Performing periodic checks and maintenance on your property’s roof will mitigate the risk of having to deal with expensive repairs.

Rainy Conditions

Rain is a staple of Irish weather all year round but especially during Autumn and Winter seasons. Continuous showers of water beating down on your roof will eventually weigh on your rooftop, so you should inspect if it is draining correctly and isn’t collecting water, making puddles or pools on flat surfaces that can amount to mould build-up or seepages.

It is also essential to check if your guttering is clear of twigs and leaves or other debris, as well as assuring that your downpipes and drains are free of leaks or spills.

Expand the Drainage Capacity

As mentioned above, assuring that the roof has adequate draining capacity is an essential part of minimising potential damages.

Efficient and effective water drainage will reduce the weight of water collected on your flat surfaces, thus preventing moisture and ultimately, moss or mould growth.

Snow Build-up

The rain and cold temperatures will soon bring some snow with them and snow doesn’t really fall down through drainpipes but instead accumulates on your rooftops. This build-up can be an alarming prospect for unmaintained or older roofs that may not cope with the added weight too well.

While some house owners just leave the snowbanks to melt away, for those who want a well-maintained property, it is advisable to clear the snow flurries and avoid further damages.

A simple technique such as using a snow shovel to take down the snow can damage or move the tiles from their place and create holes on your roof. Also, some DIYers have thrown rock salt or other means to “melt” the snow on their rooftops but again, these can corrode some materials on your structure and create more problems than the one it aims to solve.

Those looking to get rid of the hefty snow flurries in their roof, have no better solution than to call their local professional roof contractor to perform the proper clearing of the snow as well as, perform any needed repairs. Professional experts’ will make sure that your house is appropriately shielded from the elements and the damages they can cause.

Cold Gusts of Wind

Icy, fast winds can equally take their toll on your roof by moving and loosening your tiles which in constant winds can, at worst, create a chain effect and take several tiles with them.

Preventive checks are critical here, and you should regularly check for missing or lose tiles and tackle them as soon as possible.

But even with proper maintenance, every roof reaches a point where it needs to be replaced, and why not do it with a more durable and aesthetically appealing roofing material.

At C&S Roofing, we are experts when it comes to Zinc, Copper and Slate roofing. With a highly experienced professional team that can tackle any roof installation with a top-of-the-line service, we make sure your roof is ready for whatever challenges the cold winter has to offer.