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If there are any suspicions of a roof leak in your commercial building, the initial steps you should take include:

Risk assessment: It is essential to rapidly identify all the potential damages or dangerous situations that might occur due to the leak. This means to mark wet areas with cones and signals to avoid any slip accident and move equipment and inventory out of the leaking zone to prevent any water damage.

Identify the source of the problem: There are a few ways water can enter a building, including faulty plumbing, condensation from the air conditioner, or problems with the HVAC, so you need to be sure that the cause of the problem is a roof leak.

Contact a professional roofing company: Now that all risks have been minimised and the source of the problem detected, the next step is to get in contact with your selected roofing company so that they can resolve the matter quickly and professionally.

Once the roofing company has examined the problem and the roof damages, some hard choices may have to be taken.

Repair or Replace?

The fact is that replacing the roof may not be first on the list for most people who face that situation, and understandably so. They’d instead opt for the option that minimises costs hoping things work out for the best.

But things are not that simple and, in several cases, replacing the roof is a more favourable investment than spending a lot more on countless repairs one after the other.

The roof is the most vulnerable part of the building structure. And even with proper maintenance, it comes a time where it might need to be replaced.

How old is the roof, and how bad is the damage? These are the most critical questions when it comes to making a decision.

If the damage is not too severe and the roofing is not past its expected life span, repairing it may seem the most valuable option.

But if the damages are extensive and the roof is old, despite being a costlier solution, deciding to re-roofing your commercial property usually ends up being the right call.

At C & S Roofing, we understand that the investment in a new commercial roof is a significant expense, so we do our best to ensure that you get the best return for your money.