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Your roof is one of the most exposed and most vulnerable parts of your home, yet it’s one of the most important parts.  The part of your home that protects you, your family and your belongings from the elements, we all know that when roof problems raise their ugly heads, they’re something we choose to ignore at our peril.  Like most things in life, roofs have a life expectancy and at some point need to be replaced.

If you’re aware of issues with your roof, or have had a look at it and have spotted some worrying signs, you could well be in the situation whereby you’re asking yourself, “should I repair or replace my roof?”.  Although we’ve chosen to write a blog post about this subject, it’s well worth coming clean with you at the very start by saying that there is rarely a completely right or wrong; one-size fits all answer to this question.  That said, here are some things we’d be thinking about and looking out for when trying to help you make a sound and informed decision.

Identifying when repair is false economy

Repairs are (generally) much more affordable than replacement.  If a roof can be repaired economically then there is no getting away from the fact that this is the most attractive course of action.  However, the reality is that one day or another roofs need to be replaced.  The skill comes in identifying when that day has come; because if it is today, no matter how much money you throw after short-term repairs, they will only be that; short-term solutions.

Sniffing out visible and invisible evidence of leaks

In many instances leaks will be evident on the inside of your property and might simply be showing themselves as marks on walls or ceilings, but more worrying leaks are the ones that haven’t yet left their mark.  Leaks that have been slowly causing damage to the framework of your roof are the more serious sort of leaks because they have been quietly causing significant damage without you being aware of it.  While leaks that are spotted quickly can normally be repaired cost effectively and efficiently, leaks that have been working away in secret for years could mean that you need to replace your roof.

Looking beyond damaged roof materials

Visible damage to the surface of your roof can be caused either by adverse weather or wear and tear.  In most instances, damaged materials can be replaced or made good, however where this becomes uneconomical is when the issues on the surface have caused secondary problems to the structure of your roof.  In severe cases, damaged surface materials that have been left untreated can lead to sufficient structural damage that means the only logical way forward is to replace your roof

Dealing with algae

Excessive algae on any roof isn’t good news and while it’s pretty much impossible to prevent growth of algae in the first instance, what you should do is treat it from time to time.  Regular cleaning to keep algae at bay will lengthen the life of your roof and will postpone the need for replacement.  All of that said, if algae has really taken a grip on your whole roof, the only solution might be to start from scratch again with a replacement roof.

Looking at the big picture

Roof decay is something that isn’t always evident to the untrained eye, but a roof specialist will be able to see signs of serious decay, just by looking at your roof.  Decay to the structure of your roof will impact on the weight it can support as well as its life expectancy.  A roof that is suffering generalised and excessive decay in most instances should be replaced.

Facing up to the facts

It’s a fact that roofs don’t last forever and, although half a century would seem a reasonable age for a well-maintained roof, there are cases where younger roofs are better off being replaced than repaired.

Making the right decision for your roof

So how do you decide if you should repair or replace your roof?  It’s simple really; you need to bring in the experts.  A reliable and professional roofing contractor won’t be looking to replace your roof for no reason, but should give you an honest and considered assessment on the pros and cons of repairing versus replacing your roof.  At C & S Roofing, we’ll make a FREE assessment of your roof and give you our professional advice on whether repairing or replacing your roof makes best sense.



To organise your FREE roof assessment, why not get in touch today?  After all, it costs nothing to chat and at least you’ll know which route you should be taking.