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Not so very long ago, flat roofs were the choice of either commercial property owners or people extending their houses whose budget wouldn’t stretch to a pitched roof solution. How times have changed! Flat roofs are highly sought after right now and at C & S Roofing, we believe that this increase in demand makes great sense.

Not only is a flat roof on a new build house or an extension an extremely stylish and practical way to finish your home and keep it dry; it’s also an extremely energy efficient option. Flat roofs today range from relatively straightforward single ply warm roofs with roof lights through to more exotic affairs with aluminium copings or sedum and wild flowers. In fact there is now a whole host of finishes and features that can be included in a flat roof system and this is what makes this solution so exciting.

Here are just some of the flat roofing options available today:

• Single ply using systems like Trocal. Stylish and sought after system. this is a fast and effective way to get a great flat roof.
• Torch on felt using the Paralon System. This solutions offers a life expectancy of more than 30 years. it does what it says on the tin
• liquid waterproofing fibre glass a new age system that is seamless, aesthetically pleasing on the eye and cost competitive .
• Sedum roofing if you’re keen to go the green route.
• Aluminium copings, fascias and soffits that create an attractive and long-lasting solution.

Are you extending your home?

With the economic climate that we’ve experienced in the last couple of decades in Ireland, more and more people are extending their homes rather than moving. When you’re extending, flat roofs really come into their own. When you extend your house, you automatically eat into your garden space and if extensions aren’t carefully planned, they can very quickly dwarf your home and your garden. The visual effect of a pitched roof can give the impression of an oversized extension very quickly; with a flat roof, everything stays nicely in proportion.

Are you building a new home?

If you’re planning a new build and you’re seeking a modern, designer look, the chances are that a flat roof is high on your wish list. However, many people are fearful of flat roofs because they’ve previously had nasty experiences with poorly fitted and badly maintained flat roofs.

Modern day flat roofs have come a long way from the days of leaky bitumen roofs we all remember from the good old days and don’t just look great; they’re highly efficient too.

Save money with a flat roof

When it comes to cost efficiency, something that people often don’t think about when they think of a flat roof is the amount of money they can potentially save on heating. With a flat roof, unlike a pitched roof, there’s no need for roof ventilation, which means that it stays warm and reduces your heating costs significantly.

Work closely with your roofing contractor to get the best result

All of this said, getting the most from your flat roof counts on you and your roofing contractor making the right decisions. The things you need to be discussing with your contractor include:

• Choosing the right materials.
• Deciding on the best roof system for your unique situation.
• Selecting the right insulation and finish.
• Opting for the highest quality fitting your budget will allow.
• Keeping up a regular maintenance programme.

If you choose your flat roof well, not only will it make your home look even more attractive than before, you can expect more than a quarter of a century of warmth without leaks.

If you’re contemplating a new roof or a replacement roof, why not get in touch? At the end of the day it costs nothing to chat and at C & S Roofing Ltd we have a whole host of flat roof solutions that you mightn’t even have thought about yet.