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The DIY market over the last couple of decades has gone from strength to strength.  This is great news for anyone who wants to give their home a new look on a shoestring or for anyone who’s needing a little job done that a professional would turn his (or her) nose up at.  You only need to look at the range and variety of DIY stores that are open 7-days a week to see that DIY in Ireland has become almost as popular a sport as football or rugby.  But for certain jobs, DIY isn’t always such a great idea.

In this blog post, when we speak about DIY, we’re talking about something that people take on themselves or call on friends or relatives who are known as DIY experts or fans to do.  For many jobs around the home, this is absolutely the right approach.  That said, it’s not a good idea for every job.  When it comes to things like plastering and electrical work for example, even the most competent of DIY-er tends to face up to their limits and reach for the phone to track down a professional.  The reason people do this is that a badly plastered wall stands out like a sore thumb and can spoil the look of a whole room and most people accept that to get the finish they require, they need an experienced and professional plasterer on side.   When it comes to electrics, the risks are even more scary and only the most foolish or most skilled tend to take on the task on a DIY basis.

The same should apply to roof work.  Your roof is one of the most important, yet most vulnerable parts of your home.  Exposed to the weather day in and day out, it really does take a hammering from sun, snow, rain and hail, so it deserves to be protected so it can continue to protect you.

When it comes to dealing with any sort of roof issue, in the vast majority of cases, going the DIY route ends up as false economy at the end of the day.  What ultimately happens in most cases is that home owners end up throwing good money after bad on DIY roof repairs and end up admitting what they should have admitted at the start: that they need a reliable and approved roofing contractor on side.  What’s more, if it all goes horribly wrong, at the end of the day, it’s much tougher to chase a friend whose work hasn’t done ‘what it said on the tin’ than it is to pursue a professional who has carried out a job under a formal agreement.

An approved roofing contractor hasn’t only gone through a whole host of professional training, but they should also be skilled at making sure your roof problems are solved in the most cost effective and efficient manner.  Having a reliable and responsive roofing contractor on hand is an important part of your home maintenance armoury and is well worth sniffing out so that if you do have a problem, you know exactly who to call.

At C & S Roofing, we are obsessed with roofs and make it our business to be completely up to date with new methods and technology so we can repair your roof at a much lower cost than you might imagine.  Here’s why we think we’re the team to have on board for your roof issues:

  1. We aren’t just roofers, we’re roof specialists who do repairs on all sorts of roofs.
  2. We use the latest leak detection systems to locate any form of water ingress on all types of roof, which helps protect your home from expensive water damage that you sometimes can’t even see.
  3. We fix roofs by the book and make sure your roof performs the very best it can.
  4. …and most of our clients tell us that we’re a pleasure to deal with.


If you’ve got roof repairs looming, why not get in touch?  At the end of the day it costs nothing to chat and at C & S Roofing we have a whole host of solutions that you mightn’t even have thought about yet.