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Flat roofs are more commonly seen used in public or commercial buildings like office spaces, schools, hospitals or industrial structures.

But what makes them so suitable for these particular types of spaces?

Most organisations today opt for modern flat roofs. They require little to no maintenance, and their flexible and robust structure makes them extremely resistant to the elements.

What else can flat roofs provide my business?

Not only are modern flat roofs maintenance-free, offering structural safety for your building but they also maximise internal space and are extremely energy-efficient, especially in 24/7 run businesses.

Modern flat roofs manage energy better by insulating and protecting the interior from the elements, handling suitable temperatures during day or night, winter or summer.

And by lowering your overall heating and cooling demands, you will end up cutting massively on your energy consumption, making this a cost-saving investment.

Are modern flat roofs durable?

New models of flat roofs are made mainly from uPVC formed from synthetic polymers. uPVC flat roofs are incredibly durable. They are 100% resistant to rain, UV rays and other weather elements.

Versatility and Space

A flat roof allows you to maximise internal space and gain several feet inside the building while leaving a multitude of options available in terms of the area outside. On the roof of your commercial space, you can set up storage units, solar panels for energy use or even create advertising space.

Easy Maintenance

Regular maintenance can prevent costly repairs. This type of roof only has a slight pitch allowing for easy access when it comes to carrying out repairs or maintenance work.

Installing a Flat Roof

Thanks to its inherent features of weather resistance, uPVC flat roofs are quickly installed. This way, you won’t need down-time or closure for the installation.

Our specialist team of professionals here at C&S Roofing can perform this task in a matter of hours. Our range of flat roofing solutions is very comprehensive, and surely there is one that suits your commercial property needs.