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A green roof or a living roof as they are sometimes called, is a roof that is covered either in part or in its entirety with vegetation and a growing medium that is planted over a waterproof membrane. In many instances this type of roof also includes layers to prevent root damage and to provide drainage and irrigation. Often thought of as a new concept, in fact the first green roofs were seen in the 1960s.

Green Roofing

Green roofs are highly sought after, but not everyone has the courage to go the extra mile and install one. That’s a real shame because a green roof is a stunning addition to any style of property and (not surprisingly) is highly environmentally friendly. What we do find however is that wherever someone has the courage to install a green roof, friends and neighbours are very quick to follow and it’s easy to see why.

Here are what we believe to be the main benefits of green roofing:

  • It looks great. No matter whether you opt for an all over green roof or use this roofing solution on only part of your home or commercial property, you’re sure to have an attractive and appealing visual impact.
  • It smells great. The aesthetic benefits of green roofing don’t stop at its good looks. Depending on which plants you choose, this roofing option will typically smell heavenly throughout the year too.
  • It’s low maintenance. There is no such thing as a no-maintenance roof but with a green roof the sedum grass grows to between 50mm -100mm high and feeds itself using a supplied filtration system that is installed beneath the sedum garden, making a really stress-free option.
  • It provides excellent insulation. Providing protection from extremes of temperature at both ends of the scale, green roofing helps you save on energy bills by reducing heating and cooling (in hot climates) costs.
  • It acts as a natural filter for rainwater. A traditional roofing system typically guides rainwater to the sewage system, but with a green roof, the plants act as a natural filter for rainwater. The plants themselves absorb on average more than half the rainfall that we experience, which means that the amount of rain running into the sewage system is significantly reduced.
  • It creates real interest in overcrowded areas. No matter where you are, if there’s just building after building that are constructed in concrete or steel, the eye loses interest. The introduction of green roofing in these environments makes a really pleasing and interesting feature to break up the harsh lines.
  • It attracts butterflies, bees and other insects as well as birds. Encouraging wildlife into your environment not only makes your life more interesting, it makes your environment more welcoming for species that may otherwise struggle to find a place to survive and blossom.
  • It reduces noise pollution. Green roofs are a great way to reduce the impact of noise experienced from extreme rainfall.
  • It makes your home, office or industrial unit stand out. In an economic climate where properties are tough to sell and hard to let, a green roof will help your property stand out from the crowd, making it appeal to buyers and tenants alike.
  • It’s a whole lot more affordable than you might imagine. So if you fancy chatting about the possibilities of a green roof on your property, why not get in touch?