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DIY is a current trend; everyone loves to do a bit, whether it’s home decor or fixing things via online video tutorials, and for the most part, it’s extremely beneficial, it can save people money, and it offers a sense of achievement when we successfully complete a task ourselves.

Having said that, there are some DIY projects which are best left to the professionals, and DIY Roof Repair is right at the top of that list. Attempting a DIY repair on roofs can lead to all sorts of problems, so it’s not worth the risk; here are the reasons why we would never recommend DIY Roof Repairs.

Safety First

Roofing work is extremely dangerous not to mention difficult to do, first of all, we have to talk about the obvious risk, and that is the height. To complete any kind of Roofing work will require ladders and the risk of climbing up and down, not to mention also having to haul the heavy tools up the top of the roof. If balance is not your forte, then its best to not even attempt it all!

Roofs are slippery and uneven; again, it will require some concentration just to stabilise yourself while you complete a repair up there.

Trained professional roofers are experienced to deal with all situations faced, they are insured and have the correct safety equipment to complete the work in a safe and secure way.


Some DIY projects do not require years of experience and can be taught fairly quickly, but Roofing is not one of them, due to the complexity of the job alongside the danger levels only a professional has the real knowledge and know-how to do the repair work safely and effectively.

Inexperienced Roofers may not know what has caused the damage to the roof, what type of material should be used to complete the repair and how to fix it, so in order to save time, money and the risk of making matters a whole lot worse it’s best left to the professionals.

Professional Roofers are experienced in all matters; some of the things they know how to address quickly are as follows: The water flow on each type of roof, the thickness of coatings with regards to materials, the suitable screws and fixings, the correct materials and profiles of sheeting, penetrations, sealants and finally the right tools for the job.


You may assume that a DIY roof repair is a way to save money, but the truth is it could cost a lot more. Firstly, do you have the correct tools for the job? If not, you will have to purchase those tools, and for the non-professional, it could be costly, since they do not get a trade discount like contractors to do. Also, it’s not really worth buying Roofing tools since it’s less likely to be used often and more likely to be stuck in a garage or shed after one-time use.

Making Matters Worse

One thing we all want avoid is the risk of making matters worse; trying to fix your roof yourself is a significant risk. If things go wrong and you fail to complete the repair, it will require some professional expertise to sort the situation out. It could be more expensive if you’ve made matters worse by turning a simple repair job into something more complicated. And its certainly going to take a lot longer to get the job done if you have to hire a professional after attempting to do it yourself which is never a good thing, especially during wet weather seasons.

Hire A Professional Roofing Company

To avoid any hazards, mishaps, or costly mistakes, it’s better to seek professional Roofing contractor from the very start.