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Roof maintenance is something that can never be ignored, regardless of your chosen roof covering material. Tiles, slate, metal, green or flat roof, all have their own specifications, but one thing is certain, to prolong the life of your roof, it’s always better to maintain and care for it regularly.

Here are our top three reminders to help you make the right choices when it comes to roof maintenance:

  1. Chose The Right Professionals

Choosing a certified professional is paramount when it comes to finding the best roofer for the job. Only licensed roofers can conduct roof maintenance. They know exactly what to do, adopt all the necessary safety procedures, and use proper equipment for the job.

Sometimes people may be tempted to save a few euros and hire someone that says they can do the job at a lower price, but the truth is that most of the times, going for a non-certified tradesmen, will end up costing way more to fix more problems caused by the work not being done correctly in the first place. Licensed and experienced roofers are what you need, so it’s always a good idea to check if the roofing company is listed and that it has all the necessary licences and permits need to operate.

  1. Plan Your Project

Before you go ahead with any type of roofing work, make sure you have a plan set in place first. To do this, get a surveyor or contractor to come and address the work and to see exactly what is needed to complete the repair work. It’s not just about choosing materials to save cash; it has to be weather worthy and withstand the climate of the area! Only a professional roofing contractor with experience can help to develop a suitable plan.

  1. Prepare your budget

Nobody wants to spend more than they have to, but maintenance plans do come at a price. It is better to set a budget for planned maintenance in advance though because roofing can be very costly when issues are ignored, and we end up with major repair work instead. Like all other renovation works we do within our homes, from DIY to decorating, or perhaps whole constructions works or simply new fittings and fixtures we can easily forget when it comes to roofing. Ensure Roof maintenance is of importance on your checklist of things to do at home, and it will pay off in the long run.