Warm Roof System

Warm roofs 1A warm roof is a type of roof system that is becoming highly popular in both new build and refurbishment projects, due to its excellent insulation value.

With a warm roof, there is no thermal bridging as the insulation layer is continuous across the roof, so heat is conserved within the property, excluding the need for a ventilation system.

Warm Roof Insulation

Warm roofs 2

Unlike the cold roof insulation process, warm roof insulation consists of placing insulating materials on top of your existing roof construction. This way, insulation layers will be placed both above your rafters and below the waterproofing membrane.

This is a very versatile system suitable for installation on concrete, asphalt, or steel roofs to upgrade the insulation value and the dew point is on the exterior of the building which means no moistened, dampened, or rotten materials on the interior.

The benefits of installing warm roof insulation are plentiful, and below you have 5 of the most impactful:

  • Warm flat roofs regulate interior temperatures by insulating heat inside, minimising thermal bridging and heat loss.
  • Providing a breathing property to your roof allows moisture to escape. This way, you will reduce moisture on your property that could result in mould or fungus build up.
  • Warm roofs are available as a retrofit very easily. Most roofs can become a warm roof without having to replace the existing one completely.
  • A warm flat roof holds temperature inside like nothing else. The way it is designed means warm roofs are more efficient than cold roofs.
  • Retrofitted warm roofs are significantly cheaper than cold roof insulated ones, allowing for important savings for other aspects of the property.

In essence, your roof structure will be focused on warmth but also on being breathable, creating outflow for moisture. Subsequently, this mitigates the risks of dampness and decaying from reaching your roof and the whole property while keeping a warm temperature inside.

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