Rolled Lead

Rolled Sheet Lead is the traditional roofing material of choice in the Irish Market, which has been used in this industry for hundreds of years and is therefore proven to be an extremely reliable solution for both pitched and flat roofing applications.

This is due to its long-lasting weatherproofing performance when used as either a wide sheet roofing material or as flashing around Chimneys, Dormer Windows, Roof Valleys, Parapet Walls, Spires, Cornices, Hips and Ridges.

  • Installation – Rolled Lead Sheet is a highly malleable and hard-wearing material that is quick and easy to shape and install in most weather conditions.
  • Appearance – There are few alternatives with as many applications decorative options as this material.
  •  Security – Few laps and joints which results in a high degree of weather tightness.
  •  Lifecycle – Lead is proven to last up to 100 years and will out-perform other roofing materials, if the rules of good practice are followed. Lead is also 100% recyclable time after time.

All lead work is carried out to good practice guidelines by our own roofers who are trained in the correct rolled lead roofing installation techniques.

The combination of our high-quality lead flashing rolls and qualified tradesman will provide you with the utmost confidence in the waterproofing of your roof.