Liquid Waterproofing

You have tried Fibre Glass, you have paid the price, it has failed by not expanding or contracting on our typical one off housing builds.

Fibre Glass turns into a hardened system, a bit like asphalt, first signs of trouble are the perimeter edge, were movement occurs most. Cracks then leaks.

With Enke Pur a liquid waterproofing system, you don’t have this problem, ideal for timber and metal clad roofs as there is so much movement within the building, this system expands and contracts without any problems.

Enke Liquid waterproofing is a single pack polyurethane waterproofing system with a fast wet-on-wet roller or brush applied application.

The Enke Liquid system is an incredibly versatile waterproofing system that is suited to all new build and refurbishment applications including overlay, warm roof, inverted roof and walkway situations. Due to its class leading low solvent odour content, this system can be used in the most sensitive of areas without any disruption to the building occupants.

These liquid-applied waterproofing membrane systems have a rapid wet-on-wet application and are capable of dealing with the most complex of pitched and flat roof details. The Enke system is also waterproof immediately upon application which protects the installers work against unpredictable weather conditions. This system has been designed with zero compromise and is rapidly becoming the system choice for both installers and specifiers.

Advantages of Enke roofing membranes:

  •       Weather and UV resistant
  •       Highly elastic
  •       Permeable to water vapour
  •       Crack bridging
  •       Sealing in line with the contours
  •       Can be combined with other sealing material

Main Characteristics:

  • Thickness:
  • Installation:
    Cold applied liquid waterproofing
  • Colours:
  • Uses:
    New-build and refurbishment roof waterproofing. Balcony and terrace waterproofing and surfacing
  • Certification:
    ETA certification
  • Accessories:
    Full r