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No matter whether your roof is flat or pitched, if you’re suffering from water stains or worse on your ceilings or in your home, it’s pretty sure you have a roof problem. A leaky roof can play havoc with your home very quickly if left untreated. Rot, mould, destroyed insulation and damaged ceilings are part of the course when you have a roof issue. While these problems can be stopped quickly in their tracks by taking the right action; choosing to ignore them can come at a hefty price.

Finding and repairing a roof leak needn’t be a costly or time-consuming process. Neither does it necessarily mean a whole lot of upheaval in your home. However, a roof leak that’s ignored can be a different story altogether. If you are either aware of a roof leak and you choose to ignore it or are unaware of a leak, this is where big bills and big problems can come your way quicker than you think.

Like most things in life, when it comes to leaky roofs, prevention is a whole lot better than cure. So, if you are someone who dislikes nasty surprises, it’s well worth having your roof checked on a regular basis by a respected contractor like C & S Roofing Ltd. A roof survey will inform you of any existing problems you have with your roof as well as any problems that could raise their ugly head in the short to medium term.

When we carry out a roof survey, what we do is look closely at the condition of your roof and make suggestions on how you could improve your roof in a cost effective way by investing in the likes of insulation or waterproofing. We’ll also detect roof leaks using the most up to date leak detection equipment. What this means is that we’ll get to the root of your any roof issues or leaks very quickly, enabling them to be located and repaired before they cause damage to the interior of your home.

Having a roof maintenance solution that you can trust won’t only save you money; it’ll save you a whole lot of inconvenience too. When you choose a roof maintenance and repair partner, here’s what you should be looking for:

• A roofing company that responds quickly to your call for help.
• A well equipped team that can detect the source of your problem quickly and efficiently.
• A firm with an innovative and cost effective approach to finding the right solution.
• Attention to detail so you know that no stone is left unturned in solving your problem.

If you’re worried about how ready your roof is for rainfall, why not get in touch? At C&S Roofing we live and breathe new and innovative roofing methods and can save you a whole lot of cash by making sure your roof is as energy efficient and weatherproof