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What can I say, here at C&S Roofing we love metal roofing. They are versatile, cost-effective, malleable, easy to install and provide a perfect roofing solution for any type of building.

But we all know that any roof, no matter the type, colour, or material it is made, is only as good as it is durable without any leaks.

There are some good options available for protecting metal roofing from the elements and to visually enhance the result. Metal roofing can be anodized, painted with liquid, or powder-coated.

All of these are great options, but today we will look a little more closely at Electrostatic Painting.

So, what is Powder Coating?

Powder coatings revolve around polymer resin systems, combined with other additives like pigments, leveling agents, and flow modifiers. These ingredients are melted, mixed, cooled, and ground into a uniform powder similar to baking flour.

First, the metal roof is chemically treated to remove any oil, dust or lubricating greases and repair the metal surface to receive and allow a good adhesion of the powder.

Powder coating consists of the application of a protective film to the metal roof by spraying it with the dry flowing powder through a spray gun.

The dry powder is then electrostatically charged by the spray gun, so it is attracted to and adheres to the metal.

Then by applying heat to the metal, the powder film melts, and the chemistry of the powder will cross-link and ‘cure’ to form a tough, durable coating.

Powder coatings are practical, simple to use, environmentally friendly, cost-effective, durable and highly resistant.

They create surfaces that are far more resistant to chipping, scratches and general wear and tears than other finishes.

Additionally, it can be applied in virtually any colour and a vast selection of finishes.

Like we always say, not only it looks good, but it also lasts a long, long time.