Re-roofing Domestic Roofs

Choosing the right re-roofing system for your unique situation

If you have a flat roof that’s reached the end of its life, then it’s time for tough decisions. Would it be best to stick with a flat roof going forward or should you make the radical choice of reverting to pitch? Bearing in mind that a well constructed flat roof can be as, if not even more efficient than a pitched roof, it would seem crazy to change plan at this stage. What’s more, flat roofs are highly sought after right now, so the bottom line is that you just need to make sure that you get the right flat roof solution when it comes to re-roofing.

Re-Roofing = New Technology

Flat roof technology and methodology have changed significantly in recent years and there’s any number of systems that might suit your unique situation. Choosing the right system is a specialist area and a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. At C & S Roofing Ltd, we have all the expertise; experience and knowledge needed to help you make the right decision about which system would best suit your re-roofing project. Not only that, we have our finger firmly on the pulse of which insulation options work best with what system, so you get all you need in the same place: a warm, dry roof that’s guaranteed to last much longer than you expect.

If you’d like some expert input into how to move forward with your re-roofing project, why not get in touch? We’re here to help and we’ll happily provide you with a completely no-obligation quote.