New Domestic Roofs

Bespoke flat roof solutions, with insulation built-in

In this day and age, if you’re building a new home, the likelihood is that energy efficiency is high on your agenda. With energy prices high and more and more people concerned about the long-term state of the environment, this is great news.

What’s not such great news is that there’s energy efficiency and there’s energy efficiency. If you choose a flat roof for your new build, it’s essential to choose the right flat roof system to achieve maximum energy efficiency. You need to choose a roof system that not only suits your design, but one that also gives you the max when it comes to energy efficiency.

At C & S Roofing Ltd we’ll work with your architect and your builder to establish the very best flat roof solution for your new build. We’ll apply our state of the art knowledge to find innovative and cost effective ways to make sure your flat roof performs in every way. Our vast flat roof experience means that we can bring new ideas to the table, as well as the most up to date methods to make sure that both your roof and the insulation in your roof are as efficient and as effective as they possibly can be.

If you’re planning a new build with a flat roof, why not contact us? We’ll happily chat you through a range of options and provide you with a completely no-obligation quote.