Commercial Roof Surveys

A roofing service that lets you keep your finger firmly on the pulse

When was the last time you (or indeed anyone else) had a really close look at the roof of your apartment complex, commercial property or industrial building? A long time ago? If this is the case, and you’re the owner of the building, it means that you could be sitting on a ticking time bomb. It’s essential that you know the state of your roof, so you can budget for what may be ahead. And if you run a property management agency and you’re reading this, it’s well worth making your clients aware of the need for regular roof surveys, because if they don’t, you could even find yourself without tenants to manage.

Cost Effective Roof Surveys

At C & S Roofing Ltd, we provide cost effective and efficient commercial roof surveys. What you get with these surveys is not only a detailed professional assessment of your roof, but also the chance to avail of our state-of-the-art leak detection system that will highlight any water ingress problems. When the survey is done, we’ll give you a written report, complete with photos that will give you a clear picture of the precise condition of your roof. It’s only with this sort of detailed information on board that you can truly keep your finger firmly on the pulse of potential roofing expenses.

Because every situation is different, we deliberately haven’t tried to create a one-size-fits-all solution for roofing surveys, so why not contact us so we can discuss what’s involved and then we can give you a quote.