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No matter whether your commercial premises comprise of an office, a shop, a factory or a garage, it’s important to keep the roof over your business head in good condition. Leaky roofs can wreak havoc if left untreated. Water staining on ceilings and walls are just part of the problem, and certainly don’t make for a good environment for either your staff, customers or clients. More seriously, a leaky roof can rot joists, damage insulation and cause mold to grow, all of which could have significant long-term consequences on the value of your property. So what can you do?

1.You can hope that the sun will shine forever and the leak won’t be a problem.
2.You can call in a local slater or tiler and ask for a quote.
3.You can contact us

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Our Commercial Roofing Services

It’s a fact of life that all roofs, whether pitched or flat have an expiry date, or life expectancy. No one knows exactly when a roof will give up the ghost, but it’s certain that it will, one day or another. One thing that’ll affect that life expectancy is the effectiveness of its construction at the outset. The unfortunate bottom line is that it’s more common to find flat roofs that haven’t been put down correctly than find ones that have and this can be an ongoing problem. The other thing that’s worth bearing in mind if you have a flat roof is that a slater or tiler is rarely the best person to fix it. Although he’ll come and help you out, his solution is highly likely to be short term.

At C & S Roofing Ltd, we:

  • Do repairs on all kinds of commercial roofs but specialise in flat roofs.
  • Have a state-of-the-art leak detection system that makes locating water ingress on flat roofs quick and accurate.
  • Fix roofs by the book, which means that you can be sure that your roof is working as efficiently as it possibly can when we’re done.
  • Make sure our clients are happy and enjoy a long-term solution to their roof problems.

If your commercial property has a leaky or damaged roof, why not contact us today so we discuss your options and arrange for a completely no-obligation quote?