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Interested in getting a flat roof for your home or commercial property?

Flat roofs are becoming a popular commodity, and it’s easy to understand. With the multitude of updates and options available that make these more leak-proof, more durable, and sleeker than they’ve ever been, it does not come as a surprise that these modern commodities are becoming a more appealing alternative to old sloped roofs.

If you’re considering a flat roof solution or weighing up between options, we present you 10 interesting facts about flat roofs that you may not be aware of so that you make the most informed decision possible!

1.    Flat Roofs Aren’t Actually Flat!

Even though they are flatter than conventional roofs, flat roofs are not totally flat. For water drainage reasons – so that it does not pool over your property – it has a purposely designed slight slope. However, they’re named flat roofs because the slope is so subtle that most people may not even notice it.

2.    Flat Roofing Makes Some Excellent Gardens

For many buildings, flat roofs are a means to explore limitless options. Apartment complexes, for instance, take advantage of the usable space for gym centres, gardens or, better yet, swimming pools. A flat roof can enable the owners to make their own “greenhouses” and create their living rooftop!

3.    Flat Roofs are Cool Roofs

No, we don’t mean as in trendy, though that is also true – we mean they’re actually cool!

Flat roofs are composed of special materials that are thermal insulating engineered to keep your commercial space or home temperature stable and pleasant inside. This also means the whole building will be much more energy-efficient and, in turn, will save you hundreds in energy bills.

4.    Flat Roofs Are Advised to be Installed and Maintained by Professionals

Very commonly, building owners make the mistake of hiring roofing companies with experience in fitting sloped roofs but have unproven expertise in flat roofing. Flat roofs should be planned and installed by practised flat roof professionals. There are precise methods when it comes to flat roofing materials that must not be overlooked, to assure you don’t get leaks. A skilled professional will have the experience required to guarantee that the roof is fitted properly and designed to endure a long life.

5.    Bird Droppings Are One of The Main Causes of Damage

Bird droppings are acidic, and, for that reason, they can harm flat roofs. Besides adding unpleasant spots, bird droppings can damage the cover of a flat roof and further damage other layers. To contest this, be sure to act in order to avoid your roof being attractive to flying visitors.

6.    Flat Roofs help with Energy Efficiency

A flat roof is built from energy-efficient materials. Since most flat roof covers are light and reflective, much of the heat that hits the roof is reflected, assisting in keeping the inside of your property cooler in the summer heat. They’re likewise insulating, providing superior energy efficiency in the winter months too.

7.    Flat Roofing Can Be Insulated

There’s often a misconception that flat roofing provides no insulation. Though flat roofs apply a different method to insulation compared to standard roofs – it is very much possible to implement insulation to a flat roof. There are numerous solutions to help upgrade your insulation levels, hence why flat roofing is such an energy-efficient roofing option.

8.    Flat Roofs Are Common Standard on Commercial Buildings

Flat roofs are particularly popular with commercial buildings due to their energy-efficient nature. Many big companies opt for the rooftop area to store their HVAC machinery to keep them hidden from view while maintaining accessibility.

9.    With Proper Maintenance, Flat Roofs Should Endure Over Twenty Years

It’s often misconstrued that flat roofs don’t last very long. However, with proper care, most flat roofs can last upwards of twenty years. Checking your roof frequently is one of the top ways to start maintaining it. Spotting a minor leak and having it repaired straight away can save you time and money before it becomes a more significant issue. You can actually stretch the life in your flat roofing by having it inspected before problems escalate.

10.  A Flat Roof May Be More Cost Efficient Than You Think

Even though the flat roof fee fluctuates depending on materials, complexity, roof size, location, and others, generally speaking, flat roofing installations are often cheaper than many property owners think. Flat roofs have become a more popular option in recent years, and with advances in technology and the available materials today, they have become quite affordable.

In the subject of flat roofing, misconceptions overflow. If you’re considering a flat roof installed in your commercial building or searching for more information on flat roof options for housing, get in contact with C&S Roofing. When it comes to flat roofing, we are experts and would be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.